Take the first step and your path will appear

We support highly sensitive people in designing a life that lights them up.

As highly sensitive souls, we can oftentimes feel overwhelmed by the modern world, our endless mind chatter and tendency for deep processing. This can make us feel stuck in an endless loop of analysis paralysis where we are unable to take any steps towards a fulfilling life.

We all crave a sense of clarity and a clear path forward based on our own needs and desires as HSPs. Since we are the experts of ourselves, we must re-learn to trust our body's innate wisdom by experimenting more freely on a practical level. By doing so, answers will begin to reveal themselves.

Our intention is to support you in moving your life forward on your own terms. By taking actionable steps that feel correct for you while staying curious in the process, we hope you will attain a sense of clarity and well-being.

“It’s not hard to imagine that if we added up all the hours spent trying to figure out life, for some of us they would outweigh the hours spent actually living life.

Bill Burnett

Throughout our lives, we've been seekers of truth and knowledge as a way to uncover why we felt different from what the world wanted us to be. We turned to self-discovery tools to stand more confidently in ourselves and our trait of high sensitivity.


Together, we're on an ongoing journey to understand what it truly means to live a meaningful life.


 While we continue to explore the ingredients that contribute to our own well-being, we discovered that through curiosity and experimentation, and a good dose of self-understanding and awareness, things will start to unfold with more clarity.  

We hope to inspire you to design a life that lights you up as well.

So come along on our adventure!


Hi, we're Daniela and Kristin

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Health & Well-Being 

 We offer one-on-one online coaching to help you uncover an area of life where you'd like to take steps forward. In these sessions, we hold space for you to be fully seen, heard and valued as you move toward clarity and confidence.


The HSPeapod

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We're on a mission to understand what it means to create a happy, healthy and meaningful life as a Highly Sensitive Person/Empath/High Sensation Seeker. We share conversations and cover topics within self-development, wellness, and lifestyle to inspire you to design a life that lights you up.

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