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Daniela and Kristin, co-founders of the core


We're Dani and Kris, the couple and creators of the Core. This heart-fueled venture is a merging of our complimentary talents, gifts and perspectives, and represents the mirror we each needed to stand more firmly in our individuality. Core also happens to be the fusion of our last names: Cole and Renn. 


Throughout our lives, we have always felt different from what the world wanted us to be.

We found ourselves constantly questioning cultural and societal conditioning to determine why exactly we felt out of place. From our non-traditional partnership, to a desire to live simply and holistically, to being the rarest types in self-development tests, clearly the way we moved through the world seemed unconventional to most. 


It's been during our ongoing quest of personal growth and navigating aspects of our polar opposite personalities that we discovered systems like Human Design and traits like high sensitivity and high sensation seeking that opened up a whole new perspective and led us to like-minded souls! We finally felt validated in our experiences and could move towards self-acceptance and compassion for one another.


So that’s where the idea of designing a life of intention really took hold.

We asked even more questions like "How can we embrace and learn to love our uniqueness?" "How can we stand as individuals and not lose our heart’s desires?" And here we continue the conversation with all of you by exploring and sharing the ingredients that feel most aligned for our well-being and happiness. 

By shining our truest selves, we hope that you will do the same and help create a brighter world.

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