Why the name Core? 

Core is a fusion of our last names (Cole and Renn) as well as our complimentary talents, gifts and perspectives that are merging in this new version of partnership. 

We also believe that if we stand in our core truth as HSPs and anchor ourselves in the superpowers of the trait, we can be of great service and help create a kinder, more loving world.


Fun Facts About Us

  • We are fascinated by self-discovery tools as a way to figure out how we move through the world. The ones that have had the greatest impact on our lives and relationship are:

Sensitivity: both HSS/HSP Empaths

Enneagram: 4w5 and 5w4

Human Design : 2/5 Splenic Projector and 2/4 Emotional ManGen

Numerology : Lifepath 3 and 8

Meyers-Briggs : INFJ and INFP

Four Tendencies: both Obligers


  • We eloped on 11/11/16. The number 11 is meaningful to us and shows up often as a memorable date (we originally met on the 11th) or time (we always seem to notice 11:11 am on the clock)!

  • We've lived in 14 places in our nine years together. By testing out vacation rentals, tiny homes, agrihoods and amenity-rich lifestyle communities, we've explored what a thriving home environment looks like to us. Comfortable Minimalism surrounded by nature is definitely part of the equation! 

  • Our favorite pastime is the art of relaxation. We love spas, thermal baths, yin yoga, nature walks and plenty of self-care. After all, Daniela grew up in the hydrotherapy hub of Southwest Germany.

  • For a thrill, you'll find us zip lining, traversing treetop ropes courses, cold plunging and trying out any activity that make us feel alive! 

  • Our rescue dog, Finn, is truly our greatest teacher. He's a quiet, patient soul and his focused gaze and expressive ears are his most effective communication tools. As an HSD, he completes our highly sensitive family! 

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

Oscar Wilde