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My personal journey with food has taken me into the depths but has also transformed me into who I am today. For over two decades, I hid my true essence (and strong emotions) behind food, afraid to listen to my own body's wisdom. I battled external opinions and societal expectations, obsessed over "diets", and found myself stuck in a resistant mindset, unable to tap into my full mental, emotional, and spiritual potential.

Rewind to four years ago now when I stumbled upon a game-changer: Human Design! Embedded within my unique chart is where I uncovered a personalized digestion plan. Yes, just for me. And you can too! It was a lightbulb moment that has led to experimenting and fine-tuning, both fundamental to embodying one's design. Since then, I've been attuned to this innate knowing, and the impact on my well-being has been profound. 

I can now say that life is more flavorful and I feel a freedom around my body that I'm eager to share with you!

Because I've seen immense potential in this simplicity amidst an overwhelming nutrition landscape, I share this perspective with you. To that end, I'll lovingly create a short document tailored to your unique digestion blueprint. No strict dietary rules here—it's about creating the right conditions for your optimal digestion. And remember, it's not just about food; it's about how you digest experiences, information, and life itself. After all, the way we digest one thing mirrors how we digest everything.

What you'll receive:

  • Your own curated digestion plan with which may already validate your intuition or introduce a new lens to your daily experience. 

  • Insights on the "super sense" that will guide your meal choices and overall input.

I won't dictate what to eat; instead, I'll guide you on creating the perfect environment for your digestion to thrive.


I recommend a basic understanding of Human Design and at least 6 months of experimenting with your strategy and authority for best results. And if you're looking for more culinary wisdom or cooking tips, please check out my mentorship videos


With good health and flavorful experiences,

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