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Throughout my life, I always wished for someone with whom I could share my thoughts and feelings aloud, who would merely listen or reflect, who would let me work out what I already knew was true. I'm not talking about a close friend, family member, partner, or even a journal. Not even a therapist. But rather, someone open-minded and neutral who also happens to have a broad knowledge of self-development tools and plenty of lived experience. 

Fast-forward a number of decades and without consciously realizing it, my gift (especially as a Human Design Projector and INFJ) is being that person for many in my daily interactions. I've received so much feedback about the value and comfort this brings as a way to talk ideas and life into existence and sort through feelings and thoughts to gain more clarity. I'm excited to offer this gift to highly sensitive people and empaths whose needs I am attuned to. 

This one-on-one 30-minute mini session (to be mindful of each other's energy) is where I hold space for any of the following to unfold.

  • sound boarding (speaking your thoughts aloud and someone listening and reflecting back what they heard)

  • brainstorming together

  • offering advice or leading you to new resources

  • sorting through the whirlpool of thoughts, ideas, or questions in your head

We will connect over Zoom, so please find a quiet and distraction free environment to ensure we can be fully present with each other.


Also, if you need to cancel 24 hours before our session, you can reschedule based on availability. Same day cancellations cannot be rescheduled or refunded.

Please note that this is not a therapy session. If you need professional help, I encourage you to reach out to a trained psychotherapist. 

With Love,

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