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2021: The Messy Ride that is a 5 Universal Year

Updated: Mar 15

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I wish we could gently coast into the final part of 2021, tubing along a lazy river on a hot summer's day. But alas, there has been no steady glide as of yet, let alone any sense of predictability to this stand-out calendar year. The holiday markers have been almost non-existent. July 4 came and went with a tiny burst of color in the distant sky.

Instead, this year has felt like a rollercoaster of energies and emotions as we propel forward and, just as quickly, have to course-correct. Can you relate to this back-and-forth ziggity-zag kind of dance that's been playing out? The Astrology and Numerology of 2021 definitely support it.

As 2020 came to a close, I understood from my studies of Numerology that we would soon be entering into a 5 Universal Year (the total sum of 2+0+2+1) which is smack in the middle of our repeating 9 year scale. And a Universal (versus Personal) Year means that everyone on the planet will feel its effects.

One of our favorite Numerologists, Felicia Bender, describes the 5 Year as follows:

“The number 5 is the energy of instability. Its point of emphasis is in pushing boundaries, exploration, bringing in new ideas, and engaging an adventurous and fearless spirit. Uncertainty is the nucleus of the 5 Universal Year, and yet the opportunities for progressive and impactful change is at the core of this vivacious and sometimes tumultuous energy.”

So what we could already anticipate before January 1 is that the energy would be i-n-t-e-n-s-e. This year would resemble the most chaotic version of a 3-ring circus you’ve ever seen. No single focus to keep us on track – just sensory overload and a jerky ride ahead. Buckle up, folks.

Can you feel the whiplash already? Remember, we are Highly Sensitive People (!!) who already possess the inherent traits of environmental sensitivity. Yup, our outside world feels overwhelming most of the time, 5 year or not.

As empaths, we’ve also been keenly aware of the Earth’s suffering for years, and it is only now (through official reports and “serious” media coverage) that the world is noticing how the science lines up with the actual devastation. Really?

It’s been a tough pill to swallow for us folks who already saw this coming. I can confidently say that HSPs, through our ability to feel deeply for every being on this planet, are here to show others all that is flawed with the state of the world and in the same breath, all that is inherently beautiful with the world. Because WE FEEL IT ALL.

I digress…

So, the 5 year is one is which we can expect radical changes to our outside world (checkmark there) and a deeper sense of spirituality and growth in our inner world (checkmark there as well).

My brain has been in overdrive since the new year, and there is no shortage of existential questions swimming around in 2021. Our conversations have taken on a new, heavier tone.

What to do with four more months of a rocky landscape ahead?

It’s more crucial than ever to take life one moment at a time. Literally, scale back those goals to just today. How can we contribute today? What does our body need today?

I know it seems short-sighted, but it has helped Daniela and me dramatically. Even planning 3 months out can feel overwhelming.

Here are some self-care practices that may help you balance and reset your energy as you maneuver through this ride, and which will serve you immensely, whether you're highly sensitive or not (if you're unsure, start with this sensitivity quiz from an expert we love and admire).

  • Move your body in whatever way feels liberating to you to release that pent-up energy!

  • Stay hydrated – through lots of filtered water (laced with sea salt or chia seeds) and water-rich foods like cucumbers and melons.

  • Notice your breath. Whether it’s first thing in the morning, before you eat a meal, or in a yoga class, paying attention at points throughout the day will soothe the nervous system.

  • Take a cold shower or fill up your tub with cold water and sit in for at least 3 minutes. You'll survive, I promise! Remember to breathe deeply as you immerse yourself slowly in these temperatures. It will feel amazingly reinvigorating.

  • Twist your abdominal region while you imagine wringing out a sponge full of toxins. Face your legs and lower region one direction and your upper region, arms and head the other.

  • Connect with nature in any way that feels nurturing – whether basking in some healing sunlight or feeling the earth below your feet. And please, leave the phone at home.

  • Find your version of a temporary escape through a good book or TV show – anything that makes you belly laugh or brings you immense joy.


Dear reader, what helps you come back to the present moment?

xx, Kristin

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