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To Move Forward Intentionally We Must Pause, Reflect and Accept

Updated: Mar 15

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Have you ever tried to make a change in your life only to feel resistance from all angles? You know what needs to be done, you have a plan in mind and yet, nothing moves forward?

I've noticed something interesting about change.

Regardless of whether we're attempting a micro step or a massive leap, it's crucial that we acknowledge where we're at – right here, right now – and be really truthful in that assessment. Then. The even harder part: Accepting that truth.

I've found that only once we are 1) aware of our present moment reality and 2) able to accept that truth, can the Universe propel us forward.

How does that feel?

Let's consider a few examples. Developing a personal budget and touching your numbers daily is a way to take constant inventory of your present situation and to work towards your financial goals.

Or on a more physical level, noticing where you're experiencing pain or stress in your body. And then accepting and even loving the pain or ailment in order to heal it. It may not always be uplifting or encouraging – in fact, the truth may expose deep truths that we don't want to look at.

But how can we get to our destination if we don't know where we are starting? Consider a roadmap.

I've always been fascinated with maps and geography. As a girl, I would randomly pick a page in my world atlas to study before bed (yep, I've always been a content nerd). And now, as a more aware adult who is constantly in physical motion (Human Design Manifesting-Generator with three motors after all), it's important to know where I am and where I want to end up.

My personal journey has been utterly windy, non-linear and full of scenic surprises (definitely not a straight highway) but I'm learning that if I acknowledge each stopping point with a kind, curious awareness, I can keep moving forward on this generous path called life.


Dear reader, have you taken stock of where you're at? How does it feel in this very moment?

xx, Kristin

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