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We've compiled a list of self-development tools that we refer to often and continue to inspire us on our journey. Like puzzle pieces, each of them has shed light on a fascinating aspect of ourselves that together are forming a unique picture of who we are at the core. They've come into our lives at exactly the perfect moment and we're grateful for the new revelations they've shown us. Perhaps they'll do the same for you! [Note that we are not affiliates for any of these].

Anita Moorjani helps you thrive as a deep feeler and encourages you to be yourself in a world where it doesn't come naturally.

Jenna Zoe teaches us how we can use our unique energy systems to live more authentically. We love her simple Human Design charts.

Molly McCord's intuitive weekly reports are instrumental in our forecasting for times ahead and reflecting on past events.   

This fascinating tool explains why we do what we do as humans. We resonate with these 9 archetypes by Liz Carver and Josh Green.

Richard Rudd synthesizes practical wisdom to paint a picture of our higher purpose in life. We use the gene keys as our own North Star. 

This subset of Astrology indicates how your energy will play out across the globe. We use it often to determine trips and moves.  

Felicia Bender brings numbers to life by sharing her practical approach to Numerology. We rely heavily on our yearly theme.

Gretchen Rubin lays out four easy life-changing models that determine your personal motivation in life and work.

Dr. Bradley Nelson has developed an efficient technique to clear our body of trapped emotions. 

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